Early & Late Hours Available • Dental Emergencies Welcome

Early & Late Hours Available • Dental Emergencies Welcome


ClearCorrect aligners are clear, removable braces that give you the benefit of discretion throughout the process of straightening your teeth. At Gumucio Dental, we are providers of ClearCorrect, and our dental professionals will be happy to manage your treatment. One benefit of wearing invisible braces is being able to show off your smile throughout your treatment period. When wearing braces with wires, there are food restrictions, since the wires trap foods and hinder flossing. ClearCorrect allows you the freedom of eating any foods you choose; simply remove the aligners when you eat.

ClearCorrect for Discreet Orthodontic Care

If you are interested in ClearCorrect, contact us for a consultation. We will meet with you, do a complete assessment and examination, and let you know whether you are a good candidate for ClearCorrect invisible aligners. If clear aligners are the right solution for you, X-rays and photographs will be taken. Next, a scanner will be used or impressions will be made to capture the shape and layout of your teeth. Your prescription is then forwarded to ClearCorrect.
A series of aligners will be custom-made just for you. You will wear your clear aligners for a minimum of 22 hours per day. The customized aligners will apply pressure to the teeth that need to be moved. Progress of the treatment will be checked during routine visits to our office. Approximately every few weeks you will receive a new set of aligners designed to continue the process of gradually shifting your teeth into their ideal positions.

Schedule a ClearCorrect Consultation

If you want to know more about ClearCorrect and whether clear aligners can be used to produce your best smile, contact us for a free consultation at Gumucio Dental. Our goal is to ensure that you get the dental treatments most suited to your individual needs. Call us today in our Loxahatchee or Belle Glade office and schedule an appointment and to learn more about ClearCorrect.

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