Early & Late Hours Available • Dental Emergencies Welcome

Early & Late Hours Available • Dental Emergencies Welcome

Dental Implant Restoration

When one or more of your teeth are missing, dental implants are a superior option, as compared with a partial or full denture or a traditional bridge. With dental implants, it’s as though your natural teeth have been fully restored. Implants look and feel like the pearly whites you were born with, which can instill a greater measure of confidence. With dental implants, you can eat anything again, including crispy apples, corn on the cob, and other foods difficult to chew with dentures.

Dental implant restoration treatment follows the initial procedure, which is implant placement, and also a period of time in which the small metal implants fuse to the jaw’s bone tissue.

Our lab will fabricate your restoration according to the size and color of your natural teeth. Our aim during dental implant restoration is to exceed your expectations, with implants that blend in flawlessly with your natural teeth. Your smile will be more attractive and it’s possible that your speech and well-being will improve, as well.

Set Up your Consultation for a Dental Implant

We are dedicated to giving all of our patients the confidence that only a healthy smile can bring. Schedule a consultation to discuss the possibility of dental implant restoration. We will complete a full oral exam during the visit, to ensure that the structure of your jaw bone is sufficient to support dental implants. We will also recommend other options, as needed. Call us today at either our Loxahatchee or Belle Glade office to plan your visit for a dental implant consultation.

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