Early & Late Hours Available • Dental Emergencies Welcome

Early & Late Hours Available • Dental Emergencies Welcome

Implant Retained Prosthetics

At Gumucio Dental, we have the latest and best solutions for patients who have experienced tooth loss. An implant-retained prosthetic provides the most natural-looking results. In addition, you will have improved speech and the freedom to eat foods that are usually difficult to chew for people with partial or full dentures or a traditional bridge or crown.

Implants can restore a single tooth or replace existing dentures with a denture anchored by dental implants. Implant-retained prosthetics encourage new bone growth in the jaw, which helps to prevent further bone tissue loss in the future.

Two-Phase Treatment for Implant-Retained Prosthetics

There are two phases involved with treatment for an implant-retained prosthetic. In the first phase, multiple implants will be surgically placed where natural roots once were in your jaw. Next, there is a healing period, during which time the small metal implants fuse to the tissue of your jaw bone. Then, during phase two, we will attach the prosthetic that was custom-made just for you. Implant-retained prosthetics will boost your confidence and improve both your health and your appearance.

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Dental implants are effective solutions; but not everyone is eligible, due to issues related to the jaw. Are you wondering about this revolutionary new dental treatment? Contact us today to schedule a consultation about implant-retained prosthetics. We will do an assessment of your needs and make the appropriate recommendations for treatment. Make an appointment with Gumucio Dental today at either of our convenient office locations in Loxahatchee or Belle Glade to gain all the benefits of a restored smile.

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