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Why You Need Royal Palm Beach Cosmetic Dentistry?

The overall impression your appearance makes on others is determined by your smile probably more than anything else. The condition of your teeth makes a difference as to whether that impression is a good or a bad one. A chipped tooth is a sign that you may not care about your image enough to give your teeth proper care. There are other good reasons to have damaged teeth repaired, and the following is also information on how to fix a chipped tooth with Royal Palm Beach Cosmetic Dentistry.

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Why Fix a Chipped Tooth?

There are many potential causes of a chipped tooth, such as participating in various sports without a mouth guard, chewing on a pencil, and suffering a significant fall, blow, or crash. A chipped tooth can be painful and result in swelling, if the pulp of the tooth becomes exposed. Uncomfortable hypersensitivity to hot and cold is natural, as well. If the pulp becomes infected, you could end up having to have an invasive root canal treatment.

A chipped tooth doesn’t always result in discomfort, but something to consider is that Jim Carrey famously and successfully exposed his usually hidden chipped tooth to make his witless character in the movie Dumb and Dumber more authentic.

Types of Cracked Teeth

Not all cracked teeth are alike. There are several types, such as:
• Tiny cracks in the outer enamel, called craze lines. These only affect the appearance of the tooth.
• If a tooth is “cracked,” it has a crack that extends vertically toward the root. Early diagnosis and treatment are important; otherwise, you could lose your tooth.
• A split tooth usually occurs over time as a result of a cracked tooth in which there is separation of distinct segments of the tooth. There is no procedure that can keep this kind of tooth intact.
• When a part of the chewing surface of a tooth breaks off, it is referred to as a “fractured cusp.” This type of cracked tooth is not usually very painful.
• A vertical root fracture usually occurs when the bone and gum around a tooth are infected. The crack originates at the root and extends toward the tooth’s chewing surface.
The type of crack in a tooth partly determines the appropriate ways to fix a chipped tooth.

Ways to Fix a Chipped Tooth

There are various options for fixing a chipped tooth, including the following:
• Dental veneers can be used to hide an unsightly cracked tooth. A dental veneer is a custom-made, thin shell affixed to a tooth to give it a whole new façade.
Bonding is a procedure that can be used to reattach the chipped part of your tooth, if you were able to preserve it and it is otherwise undamaged. With bonding, composite filling material is used that is colored and shaped by the dentist to match the appearance of the original tooth.
• If a large part of a tooth is missing from a cracked tooth, a crown may be the best type of dental treatment. A dental crown encases the entire visible part of the remaining tooth above the gum line, and it is shaped and sized to look like the original.
• When the crack in a tooth extends to the pulp, a root canal treatment may be needed. The decayed tooth matter and nerve are removed in a root canal.
• Removal of your tooth and a surgically placed dental implant may be the best treatment for a cracked tooth.

Contact Gumucio Dental at 561-790-5414 for Royal Palm Beach cosmetic dentistry treatment of a damaged tooth; we offer all of the various ways to fix a chipped tooth. The sooner you restore your smile and your oral health, the better.