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Royal Palm Beach dental implants provide the best restorative solution for the loss of a tooth, for many people. But the question many ask is: Do dental implants last long enough to be worth the cost?  The lifespan of dental implants depends on a few factors. But best case scenario, yes, dental implants are long-lasting, with a useful lifespan of decades.

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What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a restorative option for a lost tooth, providing the most lifelike solution. They look and feel up to 90% like your original teeth. The root of the implant is a titanium structure that fuses with the jawbone after it has been surgically placed. The fused titanium piece is the source of structural integrity for the implant.

Not only are dental implants the most realistic restorative choice, they are also the most comfortable. What provides a top benefit is that dental implants support the facial muscles in the same way natural teeth do. Patients have decided not to undergo plastic surgery they had previously considered simply because dental implants smoothed facial wrinkles.

Variables that Determine How Long Royal Palm Beach Dental Implants Last

A number of variables affect how long dental implants last, and patients sometimes have difficulty understanding that their choices affect the quality of permanently installed implants. The following are some of the variables:

  • When a cheap imitation is chosen, as opposed to a dental implant with recommended materials, the quality and durability is minimized.
  • Proper support is required for dental implants to last. The implant must fuse with the jaw bone, which is referred to as osseointegration. If there isn’t a sufficient amount of bone in the jaw to provide adequate support for an implant, the implant could fail earlier than expected. The suitability for implants should be determined beforehand by an experienced dental professional.
  • Making a compromise for an inadequate amount of jaw support isn’t a predictably suitable option. For instance, short or mini-implants aren’t necessarily reliable compromises.
  • It is important to have an experienced professional perform dental implants because if they are poorly placed, they can fail. When it comes to this procedure, training and experience are essential.
  • The presence of advanced gum disease or tooth decay can be a direct cause of dental implant failure. Patients must be vigilant about daily oral hygiene after having undergone implant surgery.
  • When undue stress is placed on implants, they can fail. Conditions such as grinding, also known as bruxism, and clenching are the types of activities that can create this kind of stress. Dental implants made with inexpensive materials are the ones that are most likely to chip or pop off. Durable materials such as porcelain on noble metal produce more long-lasting results, even when stress is applied.
  • Certain lifestyle choices can negatively affect the longevity of dental implants, such as smoking and diabetes that is not kept under control. Caring for dental implants properly sometimes requires minor lifestyle changes.

Do Royal Palm Beach dental implants last long enough to be worth the cost? When the addition of quality implants is handled by professionals, such as our pros at Gumucio Dental, yes, they can last decades. Contact us at Gumucio Dental today for more information.