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Are you in need of Teeth Whitening?

What you eat and drink might have more of an impact on your smile than you realize. Not only does your diet affect your oral health, but it can also alter the color of your teeth and result in severe discoloration. If you have recently had your teeth whitening done and want to maintain a vibrant smile, then read ahead for a look at some of the worst offenders when it comes to extrinsic stains.



While berries do have a variety of amazing health benefits, they can be incredibly damaging to your teeth if you are not careful. In addition to the deep colors that will stain your smile, berries are packed with acids which will eventually erode the outer layer of enamel on your teeth. Whenever you eat any acidic fruits, you should consider having a cup of milk or some other dairy product to neutralize the acid.

Hard and Chewy Candy

Almost all sweets get their colors from artificial dyes. Unfortunately, these products also contain chewy materials that will get stuck in the pores of your teeth and eventually lead to severe stains. Because of the fact that sweets can damage your teeth as well as harm your overall health, they should only be eaten as a rare treat.

Colored Sauces and Dressing

Many of us consume sauces, dressings, and condiments with almost every meal of the day. This constant bombardment of sugars and dyes can quickly stain even the brightest of smiles. Some of the worst offenders include tomato-based pasta sauces, ketchup, curry, and balsamic dressing. Consuming “detergent” foods during your meals will help to remove this debris and keep your teeth clean. Raw apples, celery, carrots, pears, and cucumbers can all clean your teeth as you eat them.


The liquids you drink will find their way into every nook and cranny of your mouth, and this means they can cause harsh stains in a short period of time. While water should be the primary liquid you drink throughout the day, a few cups of milk and other non-acidic beverages can be beneficial. Tea, coffee, soda, energy drinks, white wine, and red wine should all be consumed in moderation. If you do find yourself having some of these beverages at different times, try to drink a cup of water immediately afterward.

Maintaining Your Brilliant Smile

Regular brushing is the most effective way to maintain a bright and healthy smile. For those who continue to consume the foods and beverages that cause staining, it is important to clean your teeth as often as possible to prevent severe extrinsic stains. Another great trick to reduce your risk of tooth discoloration is to drink through a straw. This will limit the amount of time that the liquid comes into contact with your tooth enamel.

For residents of Loxahatchee or Belle Glade and the surrounding communities, the team at Gumucio Dental can help you brighten your smile by multiple shades with chairside teeth whitening treatments that can be carried out in just 60 minutes. To brighten your smile, contact them today at either their Loxahatchee (561-790-5414) or Belle Glade (561-992-9560) office.