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Emergency Dentist Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Looking for emergency dentist Royal Palm Beach? There are a number of situations that could send you to the dentist in a hurry – dental emergencies that can’t be solved by yourself at home, but need a professional. Most all dental practices build in time slots for emergencies on their daily schedules to deal with the situations that come up where patients can’t wait for a regular appointment to get in to see the dentist. Broken or cracked teeth, a knocked out tooth, severe swelling from a possible abscess, wisdom tooth pain, excessive bleeding from the gums, or a missing tooth or some type of dental device like a crown, bridge, partial, etc. – all of these situations would most likely need urgent attention from your dentist.

Emergency Dentist Royal Palm Beach
Broken or cracked teeth are usually caused by trauma of some sort – maybe a car accident or sports accident. This condition can also be caused by eating something really hard like popcorn kernels or ice. Abscesses and toothaches can be caused by a deep-seated infection within the tooth root or in the gums, and sometimes this pain can be severe enough to send you to the dentist for a round of antibiotics to deal with the infection. Only then can your dentist create a plan to deal with the underlying cause of the infection – maybe something going on with gingivitis or perhaps a hairline crack in a filling that has allowed decay to set in.

Missing teeth or dental devices are caused by a number of things – accidents, biting down on something hard would top the list of causes here. The cosmetic issues alone are reason enough to head to the emergency dentist Royal Palm Beach. Once you get there they can prepare something temporary so you can go about your normal activities until something more permanent can be done.

How to Avoid Dental Emergencies:

In order to try and avoid some of these instances that could result in an emergency visit to your dentist, a few precautions are in order. If you are participating in sporting activities, wear a mouth guard – this can go a long way toward keeping teeth where they are supposed to be and in good shape. You’ll also want to keep away from those hard foods that can break or crack your teeth – eat the popcorn, but not the kernels, don’t chew on ice; and avoid hard candy or other really hard foods that could cause trouble. And if you are prone to biting through things to separate a tag from clothing or string or thread, develop a new habit and use scissors for these tasks – avoiding biting through things like this can keep your enamel coating stronger and less fragile.

Emergency Dentist Royal Palm Beach
And to try and avoid emergencies altogether, there are a few preventative measures that can be taken to keep you out of these problem situations. Great dental hygiene, obviously, tops the list. The better care you take at home, generally the fewer problems you’ll run into down the line. Brushing and flossing every single day are the best things you can do for your oral health, and regular cleanings with fluoride treatments at a dentist like Gumucio Dental are next. Finally, keeping away from situations that will harm your teeth will help immensely to keep you out of an emergency dental chair.

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